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Welcome to the website of UK Film/Horror academic Dr Steve Jones.

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Kurja Polt 2017

I recently returned from Kurja Polt festival (Slovenia), where I had the opportunity to present on my research (as part of their Cult Film conference), introduce two films (Addio Zio Tom [1971] and Thriller: a Cruel Picture [1973]), and conduct a masterclass with Christina Lindberg. Information about the festival is available here, photographs are available here, a video of my talk is available here, and a video of my discussion with Christina Lindberg is available here. The Kurja Polt Facebook page is available here.

Interviews on Horror

Recently I have been interviewed several times for articles on iNews. Here are interviews about Stephen King (article author Mark Butler), space-based horror (article author Finlay Greig) , and racism and horror (article author Mark Butler).

Offscreen 2017

I have just returned from Offscreen (Brussels) where I had the opportunity to speak with Stephen Sayadian about his career in filmmaking (Cafe Flesh, Dr Caligari, Nightdreams) and as Art Director for Hustler.

The festival continues until 26th March. For more information, please visit http://www.offscreen.be/en/offscreen-film-festival-2017

New Article in Film-Philosophy journal

The new issue of Film-Philosophy Journal is out, and features my article "Cartesianism and Intersubjectivity in Paranormal Activity and the Philosophy of Mind".

The journal is open access, so you can read the article here

New Article Available Now

My article ‘“Extreme” Porn?: The Implications of a Label’ has been published in Porn Studies. Read it here.