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Welcome to the website of UK Film/Horror academic Dr Steve Jones.

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New PhDs

I am now supervising two new PhD students. Ami Nisa has joined us at Northumbria and is writing on found footage horror from a socio-technological perspective. Meg Lonergan is at Carleton University (Ottawa) and is writing on snuff films, focusing on cultural fears about technology, sex, and violence. I’m looking forward to seeing how these projects develop.

Editorial Board

I am now a member of Porn Studies’ editorial board. Check out the journal here.

Kurja Polt 2018

Last April I was at Kurja Polt Film Festival in Slovenia with my Northumbria colleague Russ Hunter and Alexia Kannas (RMIT, Melbourne). We presented at the second annual Cult Film conference there, and I also hosted a Masterclass with director Fabrice du Welz. For photos and full videos of my talk and the Masterclass, click here.

Media Website

I recently launched a website for the Media team at Northumbria. To find out about the team and our activities, visit: medianorthumbria.com/

New Article

My article "Preserved for Posterity? Present Bias and the Status of Grindhouse Films in the 'Home Cinema' Era" has been published in Journal of Film and Video, 70:1

Abstract:: Despite the closure of virtually all original grindhouse cinemas, ‘grindhouse’ lives on as a conceptual term. This article contends that the prevailing conceptualization of ‘grindhouse’ is problematized by a widening gap between the original grindhouse context (‘past’) and the DVD/home-viewing context (present). Despite fans’ and filmmakers’ desire to preserve this part of exploitation cinema history, the world of the grindhouse is now little more than a blurry set of tall-tales and faded phenomenal experiences, which are subject to present-bias. The continuing usefulness of grindhouse-qua-concept requires that one should pay heed to the contemporary contexts in which ‘grindhouse’ is evoked.

Access a PDF of the article here

Career News

From January 2018 I undertook the role of Head of Subject for the Media and Languages groups within the Department of Social Sciences. I also became Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

PhD Scholarship Opportunity

Northumbria University are advertising a number of fully funded PhD scholarships. I am advertising for a project entitled “New Approaches to Contemporary American Horror Film”. For details about the project and how to apply, click here. The studentship includes a full stipend, paid for three years at RCUK rates (for 2017/18, this is £14,553 pa) and fees. The deadline for applications is 28th  January 2018, and the funding would begin on 1st October 2018. If you know of anyone who would be interested in applying, please share the link.    

Working with Necrostorm

Over the past few months I have been working with Italian horror production company Necrostorm, adapting scripts into English. My first screen-credit is on Hotel Inferno II: Cathedral of Pain (NSFW trailer here, purchase here). More projects coming soon. The Hotel Inferno III crowdfunding campaign is available here.